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sophie hannah richardson for L'oreal Colorista Indigo

EEEEKKKK!!! It’s finally here and I can finally talk about it… My collaboration with L’oreal for their latest hair dye range COLORISTA! And as you can see I’m the face of one of their shades: Indigo. I’ve had to keep this collaboration quite since March 2016, but it’s now finally on sale and I can shout about it.

I remember when I first got the email; the French agency didn’t say much, just that it was a hair dye project, I don’t even think they told me which brand. It took a long time to actually confirm that I had been chosen, I had heard quite a few bloggers got emails about taking part, so I just want to thank L’oreal so much for picking me! If I had to take part in any project, you all know a hair dye one is perfect for me. L’oreal had chosen the shade Indigo for me; it’s somewhere in between purple and blue. If you haven’t yet tried it, I’d definitely recommend! When you first do the colour, it’s really intense and silky and is more of a purple shade. But the more and more you wash your hair, it fades to this amazing silvery blue. It’s one of my favourite colours I think I’ve ever tried; obviously a bit biased because my face is on the packaging!

The collaboration started with me heading out to Paris for the packaging and digital content shoot. I first had my hair coloured the box shade Indigo in a salon and then the next day was shooting. There were many elements to the shoot. We had to model for gifs, outdoor video shoots and the packaging. It was really surreal being in front of the camera on such a huge project. I had never really been a part of anything that big before, so it was a truly amazing experience.

That wasn’t it though for COLORISTA. I was picked again to take part in the TV commercial for the hair dye which was being filmed in Barcelona! I flew out there for 3 days and modelled in their really fun TV advert and shot a sort of ‘how to’ video for more digital content. The advert was filmed in a huge nightclub on the day I was there and I noticed they also did some outdoor footage as well. I think they filmed over the course of a week in Barcelona! Now taking part in a TV commercial was something I had never experienced before either. It’s mad how many people are needed and props, the equipment! And little old me was there modelling?! It’s mental!

And what’s even more amazing is that my collaboration with COLORISTA hasn’t stopped! I’m going to be shooting lots of really cool hair dye tutorials over the next few months so be sure to keep your eyes out for those! Their launch party is coming up soon too, so really excited for it all to properly launch. L’oreal has been a dream to work with and I just can’t wait to see where COLORISTA goes.

You can shop my Indigo shade in: Boots // Superdrug

sophie hannah richardson for L'oreal Colorista Indigo
sophie hannah richardson for L'oreal Colorista Indigo

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