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If you know me, watch my weekly vlogs or follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I LOVE food and I LOVE eating out. The first thing I did when we booked our trip to New York City was go straight on Instagram and seek out places to eat. I found some really useful accounts such as: @nyc_food, @nyc.food and @newyorkfoodies to name a few, which featured some amazing snaps of New York food. Another useful thing was to look on the geo tag search and look up locations like Soho, Midtown, East Village etc. After doing all of this we found SO many places to eat and I was so excited to try them out on our trip.In this post you will find snaps from all of the places we ate at and we would recommend for various different reasons. So here it goes… Get ready to feel hungry!


Black Tap went viral on Instagram when they introduced their freak shakes, and ever since seeing them I’ve wanted to visit their restaurant. Yes, there are freak shakes in the UK, but none of them see to live up to how the New York restaurants look. As soon as we landed, Black Tap was the first place we went to. We had to queue for about an hour and half which was slightly annoying after a long flight; we were tired and I was getting hangry at this point. However it was well worth the wait! I think the queue was because it was their half term, as there was a lot of families. We were only going to order freak shakes, but we had heard they were also well known for their burgers so we couldn’t resist trying these out. I ordered a simple cheeseburger and fries and their candyfloss shake and just wow. Both were insanely delicious! Slightly pricey though, it cost us about $80 including tip for this meal. You’ll soon realise by the end of this blog post eating out in New York is expensive!

places to eat in nyc black tap
places to eat in nyc black tap


Our first dinner out in the evening was to Carmine’s in Times Square. We had been recommended this by Robin’s mum and sister as they had been and said it was amazing! Luckily they warned us about the portion sizes beforehand, because when you order, everything comes out in huge dishes! Each dish can be shared with about 3-4 people! It’s quite a cool concept actually, especially if you’ve got a large group of you, you can order a few dishes and try a few things. Probably not the best place to go to if there is only two of you as I can’t eat tomatoes so Robin had to have what I wanted and I think there was a few options on the website he would have preferred. A tip here to remember is pre-book your table on Opentable! We didn’t have a wait when we got there but others who had just walked in had about 30-60 minutes. I think we booked our table a week or so before.

places to eat in nyc carmines times square


Robin chose to go to Kat’z as it had been recommended to him by his Dad. I was expecting it to be a small diner from the outside, but it’s huge when you go in! As you enter they give you a ticket and you go straight up to the counter to pick your food. They’re most well know for their Pastrami sandwiches so Robin got one of those and I ordered my favourite dish, Philly Cheese Steak! It was a little bit of a kerfuffle ordering as you couldn’t order everything at one station; there was one for sides and drinks, one for the Pastrami and another for my sandwich, so it took a while to order. It was really busy but there was plenty of seating, make sure you go to the end of the restaurant and go around the corner, lots of hidden seating nobody seems to know about! The food was delicious and you get SO much of it, it will leave you full for the rest of the day.

places to eat in nyc katz deli


Another recommendation from family and friends was Beauty & Essex on Essex St. Don’t be fooled by the pawn shop you have to walk through! It’s such a quirky idea and you can actually purchase from it. You have to walk through the shop and through the door in the back to get into the actual restaurant which has a very atmospheric feel. It’s quite dark, but beautifully lit with hanging lights and candles. What I enjoyed about this restaurant was that it wasn’t large portions, it had a tapas style to it. They recommend about 3-4 portions between a couple so we picked a range of dishes. I didn’t think I’d be full afterwards, but my god the food was filling. I liked being able to try lots of things from their menu. The meal came to around $100 here.places to eat in nyc beauty and essex


This was one of our favourite spots in NYC. With many chains around the city, we actually went there twice… It was just too good, we had to go back for seconds! I found this place on Instagram and when I mentioned it to Robin’s sister she said we had to order the Cereal ice cream. OH MY GOD, it was like you were eating a bowl of cornflakes! I don’t even like cereal much but my god this was delicious. I obviously had to get some sprinkles on mine to make it look pretty for Instagram! When we went there the second time we also tried their crack pie, it’s like a soft, chewy, buttery cake type dessert, and this was also absolutely delicious! Both times we went it came to around $15, so not too bad, but I guess a little pricey when it’s just an afternoon ice cream snack you’re getting.

places to eat in nyc milk bar
places to eat in new york milk bar


I had come across this place on Instagram via lots of photos of people stood under the pretty lights inside the market, so I thought it is probably a must-visit place. We decided to go there in the evening as it doesn’t close until 9pm and grab some dinner. We weren’t sure what to expect when we got there but it was really cute! It’s mainly a market for food, so only go there if you’re wanting to eat I’d say. And it’s not really a sit down kinda place, it’s more food on the go, which was perfect for us as we didn’t want anything too much for dinner as we’d eaten SO much food over the past few days on our trip. We ended up getting a whole roast chicken and coleslaw from one of the shops, thinking it would be served so you can eat it, which I guess it was, but it didn’t come on a plate or anything! Such a random dinner, but boy it was delicious! It was also nice to eat something slightly healthier than all of the burgers we’d been eating prior. This is probably a place for during the day I’d say, somewhere to grab some lunch.

places to eat in nyc chelsea market


Another dessert place I stumbled across on Instagram and knew I had to try out, mainly because again, it was so instagrammable! Luckily this ice cream shop was about a 5 minute walk away from our hotel, so we went there on our way back one day for a little end of the day treat. All I knew about this place was that they did colourful ice creams, however when we arrived and checked out their menu they had some very odd flavours. We ended up asking for thr Ube and Vanilla flavour – still now I have no idea what Ube is? Wait, I just googled it… It’s a sweet potatoe?! Madness! Well regardless of the odd flavour, it was bloody tasty! I had some colourful cornflakes on mine, just to make it even more instagrammable!

places to eat in new york soft swerve


One of my Instagram followers recommended this place to me so I just want to thank them! What a cool idea. A chip shop with a massive selection of different flavoured dips. It’s literally the best thing and I LOVE fries! We opted for a pesto mayo, mushroom mayo and blue cheese dips and they were all delicious. I think my favourite was the pesto! Fab idea and a nice spot for lunch. You could even take your chips and stroll to the close by Washington Square Park to munch on them. Pomme Frites was a pretty cheap lunch for two as well as it came to $13!

places to eat in new york pomme frites


I really wanted to go for brunch one morning whilst in New York and again, found this cute place on Instagram. Yup, I was attracted to the cute pastel colours of this cafe, so had to try it out; mainly for the table shot! The cafe was empty when we arrived which was quite nice as it meant I could take some nice photographs without anybody in the shots! This cafe is located in Chinatown and conveniently right around the corner from our hotel. The bill came to about $45 including tip, so not too bad. Robin tried one of their homemade juices which he loved and we both picked something different on the menu so we could try a few things. MY GOD, you have to order the matcha waffles!! They’re insanely delicious! I think they only serve them on weekends though, so make sure you go on a Saturday or Sunday. I’ve never really been about that matcha life, but I might have been converted by these waffles.

places to eat in new york cafe henrie


Our most expensive meal in New York was STK. I didn’t realise how pricey it would be! The meal came to about $200 for two large steaks, sides, two cokes and one dessert to share. All the steaks are about $50 each, and annoyingly we couldn’t find any prices online beforehand to know this. But hey ho, it was delicious and you only live once so it was nice to dine well for one evening. My favourite thing about the restaurant though was the DJ; he played such good tunes whilst we were eating our meal, he had me practically dancing in my chair whilst eating my steak!

places to eat in nyc stk midtown


Robin wanted pizza for dinner one night so we thought we’d try Little Italy as it was only a 5 minute walk from our hotel. We tried Sal’s as it had been given decent reviews on Tripadvisor and it lived up to expectations. They are well known for their fried calzone which Robin tried. I’m gutted I didn’t go for this as the tomatoe sauce was on the side so I could have had it! Instead they made me a special pizza with no sauce and I got cheese, spinach, olives and ham on top. This meal wasn’t too pricey either and it was cool to eat in a proper New York pizza place.

places to eat in nyc sals little italy


Whilst we were in Williamsburg we wanted to grab something to eat. I had come across Joe’s Pizza before online and whilst strolling around we happened to stumble upon it. Coincidence or what?! We ate here and it was really cheap, I think the whole meal came to $13 for both of us, two drinks and two slices of pizza. They even had pizza with no sauce! Score! This pizza was AMAZING, I’d probably say it was nicer than Sal’s…!

new york places to eat joes pizza

So that’s it! That’s everywhere we ate and we’d recommend trying if you’re planning a trip to New York!


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