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wyndham garden chinatown new york city

We stayed at the Wyndham Garden Chinatown when we visited NYC. It was my first time in New York so I was a little worried when it came to booking a hotel as I wasn’t sure what to look for and where to stay. However after chatting to a few people who had already been and figuring out our itinerary, we knew Soho/Chinatown was our best option. Most of the shops, places to eat and things to do were around that area, so it made sense.I went straight to booking.com to start my search and I found it so easy to find exactly what we wanted; wifi, close to a subway, views of the city. There are so many options you can tick off on the site to filter your search and make your life a lot easier. I also found that booking.com offered lots of deals; I got an extra 10% off my booking just for signing up to the site.

There were lots of hotels we could have picked, but we chose the Wyndham Garden Chinatown purely because of it’s views of the city and the Empire State Building. The hotel offers various room options, with the price increasing the higher the floor and the bigger the bed. We opted for a high floor with views of the city and a king size bed; I think it came to around the £700 mark, which wasn’t too bad for a 6 night stay.

The hotel was situated on a busy main street which we liked as it didn’t mean having to go down dark side roads at night to get back to our hotel. It was about a 3-5 minute walk to the subway which was really convenient, even though most the time we walked or got an Uber! We were given a complimentary breakfast for our stay however we didn’t try it out, we weren’t that hungry in the mornings, so we just held out for lunch instead.

Our room was a decent size, I’d say a little dated in the decor of the bedroom, but the bathroom was lovely and modern. It was really clean and well presented, lots of space for us to unpack our suitcases too. I think the best things about the whole stay though was the huge bed – I literally thought I was sleeping solo as Robin was so far away from me! And the view! WOW… Every morning when you woke up, you were hit with the stunning views of the city. And every evening before we went to bed we saw it beautifully lit up! I would hands down stay at that hotel again just for those views.

wyndham garden chinatown new york citywyndham garden chinatown new york citywyndham garden chinatown new york citywyndham garden chinatown new york city

wyndham garden chinatown new york city


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