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sophie hannah richardson engaged

WOW! What a week in LA I’ve had! Straight after Coachella, I headed back to LA to meet Robin at the airport as he had flown out to meet me. We had planned to spend a week in LA together and I was so excited. His flight arrived around 2pm and we headed straight to our hotel to check in. We were staying at The Line in Koreatown; I’d seen a few bloggers had stayed their before and thought it looked pretty cool and central. We pretty much dumped our stuff and headed straight out as otherwise I think Robin would have crashed after his 11 hour flight. We got an Uber to Santa Monica which took about 30 minutes and began our evening on the pier. Robin kept mentioning about going to the pier and on the ferris wheel, which got me thinking… A few things had happened before the trip that made me think he was going to propose, but I wasn’t certain. However when he kept mentioning about wanting to do things, it got me nervous! In my head I kept saying ‘oh my god is he going to do it? If he doesn’t don’t be disappointed’… Anyways, we went on the ferris wheel and within a few minutes, he whipped a ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee!!!!! After about 5 minutes of saying ‘oh my god are you serious?! Is this really happening?!’ I said YES! What a way to start our week eh! We were so happy and excited after the HUGE thing that had just happened and thought we’d celebrate with one of our favourite meals… American diner food! We dined at Baby Blues BBQ and it was delicious!

santa monica pier

On our second day in LA, we decided to check out Universal Studios, as we hadn’t been before. We’d done Disney and Warner Bros when we had been in LA the time before, and we love that sort of theme park attraction. We spent the whole day at Universal, going on all of the rides and taking the tour of the studios; that’s definitely a must do! Oh and another must do is to try the Simpsons donut – it’s the BEST thing ever! We ended our trip trying out Bubba Gump for dinner, which we really enjoyed; neither of us had ever tried it before but knew it was quite a popular restaurant.

universal studios hollywood universal studios hollywood universal studios hollywood la

For day three I took Robin to Melrose Avenue and Fairfax; I knew he’d love it as it features lots of streetwear shops. We spent the morning there and had some delicious lunch at Jon & Vinnys, a pizza/pasta restaurant with really good reviews. Robin and I always research places to eat before we travel as we want to eat the best. In the afternoon, we headed to Downtown LA, somewhere new for both of us, to Sparkl Fashion HQ. The owner is a fabulous girl from Hawaii, living in LA who makes festival clothing. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we entered her ‘palace’, what she likes to call her flat. It literally was every mermaid and unicorn’s dream! There was pink, sparkles and glitter EVERYWHERE! A seriously creative girl and I got the opportunity to meet her, try on some of her garms and take some amazing rooftop snaps. After a little mini shoot session, we went to Umami Burger for dinner, before heading back to our hotel to chill.

girls tour melrose avenue

nothing but robin

On day four we headed to Venice Beach pretty early as I wanted to shoot a swimwear lookbook for my YouTube channel; it was a great time to go as the beach was quite empty. We spent a few hours there and then went back to our hotel as I was meeting two LA Bloggers for some lunch, Ellen and Francis. I’d met them before whilst on set with L’Oreal as they’re also part of the Colorista campaign and they’re such lovely girls. Robin spent the afternoon napping whilst I was out dining and then we later met up and headed out to check out the Arts District. We spent some time strolling around, taking photos and stumbled upon a hot dog restaurant where we had an early dinner.

venice beach la
sophie hannah richardson arts district la

We headed out a little later on day five, back to Santa Monica as we had only strolled on the pier on our first night. We spent an hour or so on the pier again playing the arcade games before walking quite a way to try out Izzy’s Deli for lunch; a proper american diner restaurant. It was also unfortunately next to a donut shop we really wanted to try, so we might have ended up buying 5 donuts to eat… It was too hard to choose! After stuffing our faces we headed back down to Santa Monica and did a spot of shopping again! This time we tried out the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, which was SO good! We couldn’t believe how cheap it was.

santa monica in LA

On our final full day in LA, we decided to search for a flea market/fair and stumbled upon an arts and crafts fair in Pasadena. We got an Uber there and spent the afternoon strolling round the fair and town. Once we’d seen enough, we headed back over to Melrose Avenue as we fancied pizza again and we’d bookmarked a really highly reviewed restaurant called Pizza Mozza; and after eating there, we now know why people love it, the food was so tasty!

Our last part of the trip was a sad one, as I had to say goodbye to Robin! He was flying home without me as I had another USA adventure to begin. I had the best week in LA and I can’t believe we’re now engaged! It’s taking some getting used to calling Robin my fiance now! If you want to see more of what we got up to, then head over to my YouTube channel to catch my weekly vlog of the trip!


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