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I can’t believe that was the LAST EVER Secret Garden Party festival! Or was it? There were a lot of rumours flying around when we were there about another festival coming back and taking it’s place but on a smaller scale, and even the festival coming back but just with a new name! I’m not so sure, but I guess we will see in 2018.

Rocket Dog kindly sent me and Charlotte Hole to the festival and we had a blast! It was so nice to hang out with Char again as I hadn’t seen her for a while. I drove us to the festival with all our camping gear in tow and we set up around 1pm on the Friday. It was a bit manic trying to find a space for our tent as the festival actually started on the Thursday, but after a little exploring we found a spot. We quickly set up and headed straight for The Gypsy Shrine tent to get glittered up. This was the first time I hadn’t bought any glitter or gems with me! I was relying on the babes from The Gypsy Shrine to sort me out, and they did.

festival makeup

rocket dog
The festival had had a little change around from the year before. The stages were in the same place, but some of the stalls were mixed up a bit which was cool. It brought back so many memories from having gone in 2016. It’s honestly such a good festival, the atmosphere is unreal. You can be anyone you want to be. Wear anything you want to wear and you won’t get judged. Everyone is there to have a good time and you can feel it.

One of my favourite things about Secret Garden Party is how well the staff and workers get into character. It’s amazing how they don’t crack up at the stuff they have to say and do. My hands go up to them, because I wouldn’t have the balls to do it.

secret garden party

One thing missing last year was the sunflower field, but this year it was back and I got to experience it! It was magical! Charlotte and I definitely got some cool shots in there.

Can we also just talk about the FOOD! The food gets me so excited at Secret Garden Party; there it just too much choice! Everything is mega tasty and you basically just want to sit and eat all day. I got to have my Mac n Cheese again though which I was very happy about. Tried it last year, it’s divine!

So many of you came up to me at Secret Garden Party too and I just wanna say how amazing that was. You all had unreal festival outfits and makeup and it was so cool to meet some of my followers in the flesh.

Secret Garden Party you are 10/10! Please come back…


Purple Flower Headpiece // Twinks Burnett
Mint Mesh Bodysuit // Little Black Diamond
Fluffy Blue Crop Trousers // Penny Drop
Shoes // Rocket Dog
Sequin Hot Pants // Elsie & Fred
Chain Dress // Claudia Pink
Blue Sequin Jacket // Shop Easy Tiger
Bum Bag // Fun Bag Bum Bags
Sequin Coord Bra & Skirt // Magical Wonderland Clothing

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