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I had to create a dedicated blog post to the Madrid restaurants I tried and tested during my city break. I can’t express enough how amazing the food was. So many of you left me messages of restaurants to try and we visited them all, so thank you so much! Now I want to share these with everyone.Robin and I pretty much eat everything, so to start off with I want to say we’re not vegan or vegetarian, so if you are, I would probably click off now. We tried a variety of food whilst in Madrid and made sure we tasted what they’re known for. So here’s a list of our restaurant recommendations.



We were recommended this tapas restaurant and if you’re ever in Madrid you need to pop by. The decor is really cute and the tapas are delicious. They have a vast menu with a variety of different plates ranging from small to big. We ordered 4 plates and that was enough for lunch for us. I’d probably say this is more of a lunch place than dinner for a couple, but if there was a big group of you tapas is always a nice idea for dinner.

lateral restaurant madrid


Again, recommended this place by a follower. They only serve burgers but I would highly recommend going here if you’re wanting a burger in Madrid! My burger was so good and the potatoes it came with were so so tasty. They even had my favourite cocktail, a frozen strawberry daiquiri! Big thumbs up to this restaurant, our server was really lovely too.

goika grill restaurant madrid


I stumbled upon this place via the Madrid Food Guide on Instagram. It’s a really good account if you’re on the look out for somewhere to eat in the city. I’m a sucker for an instagrammable restaurant. You might have already guessed but Robin and I love american style fast food, so we always like to have a burger or hot dog when we travel. What I loved about this place was that you could pick your type of sausage and they had lots of quirky topping options. The chips were also delicious!

paperboy hotdog restaurant madrid


Robin found this restaurant online whilst we were resting our feet between sightseeing and dinner and I’m so glad he did. The tapas selection board we had for starter was 10/10 and for our main I had risotto and Robin pizza. It was just an all round good chain restaurant with cute decor and the staff were really friendly and helpful.

oven restaurant madrid


I found this adorable little place on Trip Advisor whilst looking for a paella restaurant. The front of the restaurant is very instagrammable so give it a google! The decor was homely, the service was amazing and the food was delicious! A great choice for our last night and the paella was great.

rosi la loca taberna restaurant madrid


We had lunch here on our final day in Madrid, but didn’t want anything too heavy. So we decided to do a bit of a DIY tapas thing and order a few of their starters: Nachos, potatoes and chicken strippers. Best combination. Their burgers are very highly spoken about though apparently so next time I visit I must try one.

steakhouse madrid restaurant


This was where google recommended to go for the Madrid classic of Churros and Chocolate. I didn’t even realise it was a thing in Madrid until we strolled around and realised every single place had a sign for it. And yes, that is a cup full of chocolate sauce! This was great for breakfast or a little afternoon snack.

churros chocolate madrid


It’s pretty much the same as the Cereal Cafe in London – even though I haven’t been to that one. You pick a cereal, you pick a topping and you pick your milk. Simple and delicious!

cereal hunters cafe madrid


Another place I found on the Madrid Food Guide on Instagram. You can’t stroll around in the sunshine without an ice cream! Check the timings for this place though as I think they open from 3pm!

la pecera madrid

Woah that was a lot of food we ate over the 4 days! Have any of you been to any of these restaurants? Let me know what you think of them if you try any.


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