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Don’t you just hate it when you’ve made plans and the weather decides to ruin them? Well you know what… FUGG WINTER! I’m not letting the weather determine whether I go out or not. I’m going to embrace it with the help of Ugg. Ugg have an amazing selection of winter footwear to tackle any weather: rain, mud or snow. From waterproof, to being able to keep your feet warm in -32 degrees weather, Ugg are here to help us say FUGG WINTER.


I am giving a big thumbs up to Ugg shoe’s FUGG WINTER campaign, because I am all about living life to the fullest and not letting anything get in my way. Life is meant for living and making memories so why should we let a little rain stop us? I adore winter walks with Luna and wandering the woods. And if I want to eat an ice cream in the cold, I will. Regardless of the weather I don’t want to miss out on these walks and I know Luna wouldn’t want to miss out either.

You’ll see in my photos that I’m sporting the Ugg Viki Waterproof boot in black and I just have to say, they are the comfiest boot for woodland strolls; even in the rain. They’ve got the classic Ugg sheepskin lining which keep your feet warm and the perfect waterproof leather on the outside to keep your feet dry. Even though I’m saying FUGG WINTER, it is great to be prepared for all weather conditions, so I can be spontaneous.


One thing I love to do though when I’m being spontaneous, or even making actual plans; is to always carry around a camera. Reliving your fondest memories through photographs is one of my favourite things to do over a cuppa. Especially if you’re feeling down or need some inspiration to get yourself outside.

ugg boots

So will you be saying FUGG WINTER this season? Will you do whatever you want despite the weather like me? I have to say, eating an ice cream during a winter walk was rather a treat! I don’t know why I haven’t done it before! Be sure to check out Ugg and their selection of weatherproof shoes here and for more FUGG WINTER inspiration here.


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