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WOW. That word literally sums up my 2017. I’m actually speechless looking back over what I’ve achieved this last year. I think because 2017 has been so fast paced, I haven’t really had the time to stop and take a moment. It’s actually been amazing scrolling through my phone looking back at old photos and videos, reminding myself what I’ve done.So I thought I’d put together a blog post reviewing my 2017. If you’re more of a video kinda person though, then I have pieced together a bit of a 2017 aftermovie on my YouTube channel where I’ve included snippets throughout the whole year along with a voiceover that details what I’ve done and where I’ve been.

2017 GOALS

I set myself a few goals back on my blog this time last year, so I went back to the post to see if I had achieved any of them; and boy did I give them a good go! My first goal was to grow my YouTube and in August 2017, I only went and hit 100K! I still can’t quite believe that I achieved that goal. It felt so far away but I really worked hard at my YouTube channel this year, creating content I thought you would all like, I improved my editing skills and even added to my camera collection to up the quality of my videos.

Another one of my goals was to introduce a weekly vlog to my YouTube channel. And can I just say I actually stuck to this! I upload every Tuesday at 4.30pm and I have done so every Tuesday throughout 2017! I’m so proud of myself for sticking to it and developing that element to my brand and it’s been so amazing to hear that some of you actually sit and watch it every week!

I said I wanted to collaborate with a brand in 2017 on an actual product which I did achieve. But I went one better than that and ended up creating my own line face jewels and glitters under my own name: Sophie Hannah Beauty!

My last two goals were to travel more and attend festivals such as Coachella which had always been my dream. And oh my god I actually did it! Claire’s flew me out to Coachella in April 2017 and I’m so so grateful they chose me to attend with them. It was the most amazing experience being able to be at Coachella rather than lust over it through everyone else’s photos. For 2017, my travel goal was to travel at least once every month for the 12 months of the year. I sadly didn’t achieve this, however I wasn’t far from it! I managed to travel in every month apart from December. But hey, I surprised Robin with a new puppy, so it wasn’t all bad! I took 22 flights this year which is mad as I actually hate flying, so I’m really proud of myself that I haven’t let my fear stop me. Here’s a list of all the places I visited:



MARCH – Sweden

APRIL – California (Palm Springs & LA)

MAY – Deep South USA (Louisiana, Mississippi & Alabama)

JUNE – Ibiza (twice!)

JULY – Shanghai, China

AUGUST – Hong Kong & Ibiza

SEPTEMBER – Arizona (Phoenix) & Belgium

OCTOBER – Madrid

NOVEMBER – California (LA)

2017 WORK

I’ve been super lucky this year and have managed to work with some huge brands. From reviewing products to shooting tutorials and even being the face of ad campaigns, it’s been a truly amazing year for my work. I announced that I was the face of the Indigo shade for L’Oreal Colorista, the face of an ad campaign for NYX Cosmetics and even the new Google Pixel 2 phone. I even got to work with Robin on a few projects too which I really enjoyed showing him a snippet into my life outside our home.



A huge thing that happened this year was Robin asked me to marry him in April in my favourite place LA. It was such a surreal moment and obviously I said yes. So the wedding planning began in summer and still continues now as we set a date to get married on 9th June 2018. I still can’t believe we’re going to be Husband and Wife!

sophie hannah richardson engaged


2017 has to be the only year where I’ve felt like I know what I’m doing and that I’ve found my ‘place’ and my ‘thing’. I’d always felt lost and unsatisfied with everything that I achieved after my Dad passed away and it’s taken until this year for me to feel content and proud of myself. I never say I’m proud of what I’ve achieved, I’m not one to brag and always find it so awkward when people say ‘you’ve done so well’. I think when your life is so fast paced you just do what you do, you don’t stop to look at your achievements so I never know how to react to other peoples opinions. I just do me and love what I do, it’s crazy how other people perceive me. To me I’m just a normal girl, the same as everyone else. I have found it hard this year because everyone associates me with my blog and only ever talks to me about what I’ve achieved, which don’t get me wrong is amazing, but sometimes I just want people to want to get to know me, not my work. It’s hard to put into words, but there’s more to me than just my blog. I think that’s why I’ve loved hanging around with bloggers this year and growing work friendships as us bloggers all understand and get what we do. I’ve made some amazing new friends this year and I’m so grateful to have met and been a part of many others 2017.

I could keep on writing about 2017, but it’s done and dusted. I don’t like to dwell on the past too much, I’ve learnt that over the years the best thing to do is keep pushing forward. I’ve achieved some ridiculously amazing things this year I’d never even have thought I’d be able to do. I’m so happy with how 2017 panned out but now it’s time to close this chapter and move onto a new one. Bring on 2018 with new goals and new dreams.


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