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2018 GOALS

2018 missguided

I loved writing my new year goals post last year, so I thought I’d write another. I found it so rewarding looking back at what I wanted to achieve and then seeing if I had met my goals. I had forgotten what goals I had set for 2017 but when reviewing, I was pleasantly surprised that I had actually met them. Well the majority of them anyways!So here I am, on the 1st January 2018 and I’m thinking about the year ahead. What would I like to set myself? I hadn’t really thought about this until now but there’s definitely a few things I have in mind already.


Now this is something I need to happen in 2018. Robin and I have outgrown our little two bed terraced house already… And when I say Robin, I actually mean just me. Blogging comes with a lot of gifting, which I am so truly grateful for. However my house is small and it can only hold a certain amount of things. Luckily for me I live a 2 minute drive to a Big Yellow Storage centre and I rent out a single garage room where I store lots of beauty products, clothing, travel items such as tents, suitcases etc. The storage unit is so handy to have, but I would love to have the space to store everything at home. Robin and I would love to stay local in Colchester, Essex and upsize to say a 3 or 4 bedroom property with a little bit of land so we have options for renovating in the future.


My next goal has been ongoing since mid 2017 when I got engaged, however the wedding is THIS YEAR!! I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. So many people told me it would be 2018 before I knew it, and my god were they right. Luckily I’ve pretty much organised all of the big things like the venue, ceremony, catering etc. It’s more the nitty gritty stuff like decor and hiring props that need to happen. I just hope I can pull it off and bring together mine and Robin’s ideas and create a unique wedding that really represents us.


Now this one might be tricky to slot in with the wedding planning and looking after 2 dogs, but I would love to continue travelling. I took part in some amazing trips in 2017 and it really made the year. I had never really had the opportunity to travel before blogging as I worked full time, so I have definitely taken advantage of being able to jet set off to places whenever I fancy. I actually already have some trips planned for 2018 which is exciting! I’ve got Bali, Ibiza, Spain, Miami and Florida on the cards at the moment. One place still on my bucket list is San Francisco, so it would be really cool to be able to travel there this year. I always seem to get so close to it such as LA but still haven’t been.


My name is soon to be changed to Sophie Hannah Stanford; wow that feels weird to write! So Sophie Hannah Richardson will be no more. I have had the idea for a while that I’d like to rebrand and thought just being SOPHIE HANNAH would work well. I have my beauty brand Sophie Hannah Beauty so I think it will start to all come together. Along with rebranding my name, I’d love to work on my website with someone and alter the layout, integrate my beauty brand on there to make it easier to transfer from my blog to my shop and also possibly design Sophie Hannah Beauty to compliment.


This is something else I’ve had on my mind for a while now. I see bloggers collaborate with photographers quite a lot and their imagery always looks stunning. I would really love to start getting a bit more creative and collaborating with photographers, videographers and MUA’s and coming up with quirky concepts. I’ve actually got lots of ideas in mind, it’s just executing them. But hopefully this year I will put the effort in and start the ball rolling with creative shoots.


I’d like to continue with my brand Sophie Hannah Beauty with a line of face jewels and glitters. I’d love to expand into other products but I’m not going to lie, having a whole other business alongside planning a wedding, wanting to move house, looking after 2 dogs AND blogging is a lot of take on. I’m comfortable at the moment selling the jewels and glitters and worry it would cause me too much stress to bring other products into the mix. I think my goals this year would be to start looking into other products and sampling with the hope of launching more of a range in 2019. I know jewels and glitters is something you all love so I know you’ll be happy with any designs I bring out this year. I just think it’s not worth the extra stress this year, life is meant to be about living and enjoyment, I don’t want to spend the year being stressed!


This is something I really struggle with; I never give myself time off work. I really want to make this effort this year and spend time with family and friends more. Even if it’s just to catch up over coffee. I really think it benefits the mind to take breaks from work and hopefully this is something I can get used to this year.


I’m utterly shocked at how well I grew my social media in 2017. I increased 140K on Instagram, 101K on Facebook and 94K on YouTube without even realising! I keep stats every month but I hadn’t looked over them until the other day. I’m really pleased with how much I grew as it’s very difficult on social media now due to the change in algorithm. I hope I can continue growing in 2018.

Right now, I think that pretty much rounds up my goals for 2018. I mean, I have quite a few more than last year but I’m going to give them all a pretty good go!


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    January 2, 2018 at 10:18 am

    nice pic ….. very very naiiiiiiice ♥
    الموقع الأول للدراسة الشامل

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    Georgie Minter-Brown
    January 9, 2018 at 10:32 am

    You’ve done so amazingly well last year so can’t wait to see what you get up to this year! Also how awesome that you’re going to Bali?! You are going to love it so much if you need any recommendations etc just give me a shout <3

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