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Finding wedding inspiration couldn’t be any easier. With access to the web, there’s a whole bunch of websites, Instagram pages and not forgetting Pinterest, to sit for hours scrolling through. To make it easier for you all your bride to be’s, I thought I’d create this blog post featuring my favourite wedding inspiration websites. I’m giving you everything you need to kick start your research in one place!Before you start your wedding inspiration journey; and yes, I’m calling it a journey because it honestly is. You will find that your ideas blossom and really come together the closer you get to your wedding date. Don’t worry if that when you start looking for ideas, they’re all over the place. Mine were too!


Have a little think about the type of wedding you want. Are you wanting to go abroad? Get married in a Church? Or maybe outdoors? I think the best place to start is figuring out the main setting before you jet set off onto Pinterest. It can be very overwhelming, so it’s best to have a starting point. For myself and Robin, we knew we wanted to find a quirky warehouse style venue as close to home as possible. We actually didn’t plan on getting married in a Church until we found our venue, as you can only have a blessing there. We have to legally get married somewhere else so we opted for a Church wedding to start our big day. We’re not overly religious, however both of our parents got married in a Church so it suited everyone.

Another great thing to do before you start is to brainstorm things you both love as a couple. It’s a great way to figure out a theme; if there’s one you want other than a colour scheme. I know a lot of you will probably assume mermaids and glitters is our theme, but I really want the day to be a reflection of both of us. Robin and I both adore California: LA and Palm Springs, so it made sense exploring those as a theme. I mean it would have been goals to have got married in the California desert, but I think we both wanted to spend the day with loved ones over getting the perfect location. California is an 11 hour flight away too!
cactus wedding inspiration

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Once you’ve settled on a rough idea, let the wedding inspiration journey begin! I started mine on Pinterest and set up a fresh new board called ‘Wedding’ (great name I know). I also set this to private as I wanted to keep the main ideas to myself and Robin. I’d love for the majority of the wedding to be a nice surprise to everyone on the day. I then began searching with my rough ideas and here’s a few things I typed in: LA wedding, Palm Springs wedding, Desert wedding theme, industrial wedding, warehouse wedding… You get the gist! And the pinning started and didn’t stop! Every night before bed I’d have a little pinning session. I did this for quite a few weeks. I mean I’m still doing it now, it’s never ending! However I know what I looking for now as all of my ideas are decided.

Pinterest is honestly a great place to start. I only have one wedding board, but I know a lot of people have separate ones for each element: dress, bridesmaids, venue, decor etc. It’s totally up to you how many you have, as I said before it can be overwhelming. I actually did create a second wedding board, but only when I felt I was ready to make decisions. The second board is for all my final ideas; so I can keep all of those in one place rather than having to scroll through my 400 random images on the first board.

Instagram is another tool to find wedding inspiration. Especially now they have the ‘Collections’ boards. So again, I created another board called ‘Wedding’. It’s great to utilise both Instagram and Pinterest as you will find so many more images for wedding inspiration. What I love about Instagram too, is that many wedding accounts will tag other wedding accounts in their images, so you can literally just keep clicking through to new profiles and photos. This is also a great way to start looking for companies that you might like to work with or source from.

So that’s the social media sites for finding wedding inspiration, now onto blogs. I stumbled upon many blogs whilst on my search, either through google or Pinterest. If you’re after something a little alternative and modern, then I’d definitely check out the below accounts:

ROCK N ROLL BRIDE – I know Kat who runs this blog and magazine and she’s definitely the girl in the know if you’re looking to have an alternative wedding. She features hundreds of real, quirky weddings, so you’ll be sure to find some great inspiration.
THE UN-WEDDING – I love the Un-Wedding’s Instagram page. Think glitter, girly and pink! There’s also a great element to the website called ‘The Book Of Love’ where you can find quirky wedding suppliers from decor to photographers.
WHIMSICAL WEDDINGS – Another alternative wedding blog featuring real weddings. There’s tonnes of inspiration on this site and I love that each wedding featured has close ups of the decor and venue etc so you can really find some cool ideas.
RUFFLED BLOG – More real weddings on Ruffled Blog, along with DIY ideas to keep within your wedding budget which I think is great!
NOUBA – And lastly another site with real weddings, more DIY and even more ideas. These wedding sites are sure to keep you busy!

I know I’ve given you a lot to think about and look through, but I do think it’s a good idea to source as much inspiration as you can at the start, as it will really help along the way. Once I felt like I had enough wedding inspiration and had booked my venue and ceremony, I really felt like I could start making final decisions. Make sure you go back through your inspiration a few times. Delete anything you’re not sure on anymore and keep the photos you lust over.

Then once you’ve settled on your wedding day ideas, the fun starts to happen! You can start booking in your suppliers and having those wedding inspiration images on hand is great as they will help you explain your ideas over email. The wedding inspiration doesn’t stop there though. I’m continually looking for ideas; mainly for the decor now. All of my big bits are booked and decided! Eeeek! If you need anymore help, feel free to comment below or tweet me @SophieHannnah_. Check out more of my wedding posts here.


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*Images sourced from Pinterest, Martha Stewart Weddings & Green Wedding Shoes

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