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I can’t stop researching homeware. I’m addicted to it at the moment. Not sure whether it’s an age thing or if it’s because I’m a homeowner, but I’m all over interiors! So it sort of made sense to write a homeware wish list post. Robin and I have been looking to move for probably the past year now. If you watch my weekly vlogs or read my blog, you would have heard that we’ve outgrown our little two bed terraced house and are wanting to upsize to something a bit bigger. With all the talks of moving, interior ideas came along and got my brain ticking; and the pinning commenced!

I spend a few minutes everyday doing a little research on decor and homeware websites, saving inspiration I like. I actually really enjoy it and thought it’s probably a good idea starting early as it’ll help us pin down a rough idea of what we’d like to turn our home to be into. It’s a little hobby of mine now, whilst Robin plays his Xbox! I’ve discovered some great homeware websites through research though and some stunning pieces that I 100% would like in our new home. Robin and I want our next house to be somewhere we settle for a while. We didn’t really think about interiors much with our current house. We went to Ikea and sourced all our furniture and decor quite cheaply. We haven’t really got a theme upstairs in our house, only in our living room and dining room and even then it’s not really what we’d like. But I can’t complain. We’ve got a roof over our heads, which I’m truly grateful to have.

I thought as well as sharing my homeware wish list with you I’d also link you to my Home Sweet Home Pinterest board for you to scroll through if you fancy! There’s some pretty cool decor snaps on there.


homeware shell chair





I’m going to kick start this wish list with the most mer-mazing chair! I’ve had my eye set on a mermaid inspired chair for a while now but had never found one under £3K! Until now… I found this shell chair on Houseology and it was love at first sight. With the chair and unfortunately not the price.It’s on sale for just over £1,000. I mean it would totally be worth it as I would sit in it all day. But I’m not sure I could justify spending that much right now. I’m going to keep this one on my wish list in the hopes that one day I can buy it.








Next up I’ve got a few wall pieces I’d love to show you: Large Industrial Mirror with Shelf, Circular Brass Display Shelf and Oculus Eye LED Neon Wall Art. These first two pieces are from Rose & Grey, a homeware site that stocks vintage and modern furniture and decor. It’s a lush website so I’d definitely advise giving it a little look. I love industrial decors and this mirror is a great size that features a shelf which you could use for perfumes or a cute cactus. Mirrors are really handy to have around the house I find. One they make the room look bigger as they reflect the space and two to quickly check yourself instead of having to go into the bathroom!

Since wedding planning, I’ve discovered a love for gold, brass and copper. I’ve realised it works much better paired with botanicals than silver. Robin and I have a love for cacti and succulents so in our next house I’d love to have this as a running theme throughout. Shelves on the wall add something to a room and you can fill them with memories from things you’ve collected, photos of loved ones and finish off with a few plants.

wall homewarehomeware eye light








If you haven’t yet discovered Rockett St George, you need to. I was tweeted a link to this homeware site and I fell in love with every single thing on it. I didn’t actually realise that the Ibiza Pikes Hotel I stayed in during summer 2017 is totally decked out in decor from this site. And boy is the hotel to die for! It’s so eclectic and I just loved it. You can never have too much wall art. It adds personality into your home and I’m lusting over this eye neon wall art from Rockett St George. I created an eye logo for Sophie Hannah Beauty so I feel like it would work really well within our home to be.










On the theme of neon lights, I’d also love a selection of free standing ones around my home to be. I’ve always had a thing for neon lights and think they’d suit the sort of decor we’d have. These colourful lights below are from Graham & Green, another homeware website I’d recommend. In the other image, features a rustic coat stand. A coat stand is something we currently don’t have in our house, so when we move and have more space I’d love to invest in one. I would really love a hallway to have something like this and just think it would be really useful.

Yes, I know another light on my wish list. But this is a Flamingo light!!! I love tropical, botanical decor so a flamingo light will work so well with our home to be’s interiors. Quirky animals like this really inject character into a room. This light is also from Rockett St George. Trust me, you’re going to fall in love with everything. It’s all reasonably priced too.  Something else reasonably priced is this velvet sofa from Rose & Grey. I adore the traditional style of the sofa that’s been given a modern twist by creating it in this amazing velvet green fabric. The sofa also comes in 17 shades which is amazing! Sometimes I struggle with sofas as I find a style I like but it might only come in 3 colours. This one is a must have for the new house!

homeware living room

So those homeware wants are on the top of my wish list. There’s plenty more where that came from, but for now I’m going to keep pinning! Do you have any favourite homeware websites you look at? If you do tweet me @SophieHannnah_.


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