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blue hair

The blue hair is back! Finally… Took me a while! It’s crazy to think I haven’t had blue hair in over 6 months. You were all probably wondering why I did this, so I thought I’d share why in a blog post. If you’ve ever dyed your hair blue before, then you’ll know it’s bloody stubborn. Blue, for some reason is really hard to fade out of blonde hair; green is also the same. The only way to get rid of blue hair is to leave your hair alone for a good few months, shampooing often with something like Head and Shoulders and then once you’ve got your hair to the palest shade it can go, usually some sort of mint green, you will then need to bleach bath your hair. Maybe even actually bleach it. Which obviously nobody wants to be doing as it ruins your hair. There is Olaplex which can help, but if you can get away without bleaching to get rid of the blue, then opt for that. Continue Reading →