Chinese Love Horoscope 2021

Today begins the Year of the Metal Ox in the Chinese horoscope. What will love bring us to each sign? A renowned Argentine astrologer shares her projections.

Today, February 21, begins the Year of the Ox in the Chinese horoscope.

According to the renowned astrologer from TheChineseZodiac, it is the animal that has “the greatest capacity for survival among all the signs of the eastern zodiac, it adapts better to changes, and it will be very good for those born for this sign.

The author of the “Chinese Horoscope” books since 1982, presented the projection for the year 2021 and here we leave you a summary to know what each animal of the Chinese horoscope has in store for in love.


For those who have a partner, communication problems could occur. However, for those who are single, even though there will be many changes, they will be able to know love and deepen personal and family growth.


March and June will be the best months if you are looking for love. If you already have it, you should focus this year on spending it together, making new plans and strengthening your relationship.


With your partner, they will become even more attached and may even think about the growth of the family. If you are single, take advantage of meeting new people, since, for now, love is not so close.


Single but not for long, since this is the year where love will knock on your door, as well as forgiveness and reconciliations with those who need it.


Your good humor will become your best ally, since in addition to bringing good energy to your life, it will bring you closer to that person who will complement you.


This is the year of changes for rabbits, therefore, you must take advantage of the momentum to repair the conflicts that may exist with your partner. For singles, a person who respects their spaces, times and surroundings, could knock on the doors of your heart.


Although this year you will be able to find support in your partner, you must improve your character and impulse, since otherwise, you can be played against.


Looking for a partner? this may be the year to find it. You can even take advantage of your sensuality to reconnect with temporary loves.


Family will be priority. This is a good year to dedicate yourself to family, relationships, and seeking support and support at home.


If you are looking for a partner, you must leave behind your fears and fears of the past, since you may be presented with an opportunity that can be positive in your life and you should not miss it.


The positive: the good humor and passion that characterizes you. This can open up new possibilities and stability for you.

The negative: there are situations in which your feelings take the toll on you and play against you when you meet someone. Therefore, it is recommended that you focus more on the present.


Singles might find love, but it’s relevant that you let things flow and focus on the moment. Don’t get ahead of yourself, everything comes in time.

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