Chinese Zodiac Compatibility 2021

The Chinese zodiac is calculated according to the year you were born. Find out what your sign is and discover your compatibility with the other signs.

If you and your partner are one of these couples, it means that you enjoy one of the strongest compatibilities and all the chances to have a happy life together, according to the Chinese zodiac.

You should also keep in mind that 2021 will be the year of Ox and according to the specialists from many of the Chinese zodiac signs will have difficulties in love.

The most compatible signs in the Chinese horoscope 2021

Rat and Monkey

These two signs understand their desires without too many words. The attraction between them is manifested both physically and emotionally, which ensures a harmonious coexistence. In addition, they are both very practical and want the same simple things: a comfortable home and an understanding partner who will give them meaning in life. As time goes on, their attachment increases.

Tiger and Dog

The tiger is very passionate and lives intensely any moment, while the Dog is one of the most attached and faithful signs, able to temper and complete it. If they have each other, no obstacle is difficult to overcome. They have a close and warm relationship, and if necessary, together they can move the mountains.

Snake and Goat

The two are, first of all, best friends. They share their fears, joys, plans and will always offer unconditional support. They have the same desires and ideals in life and balance each other. They become dependent on each other and this is the secret of their relationship. In addition, they are very sexually compatible, and the Goat will fall into the snake’s nets from the first encounters.

Rabbit and Wild Boar

They offer each other peace, harmony, tenderness and long, comprehensive discussions, which they never get bored of. They are constant in feelings and the attraction between them does not decrease in intensity even after years of living together – exactly the kind of couple that everyone else envies. They have nothing to complain about, and when difficulties arise, they solve them shoulder to shoulder.

Dragon and Monkey

At the same time, romantics, but also enthusiasts, put each other in a favorable light and look for their presence with ardor. There is no room for boredom in this couple who knows how to have fun and enjoy life. They set common goals and don’t give up until they reach them. They achieve many incredible things by offering their boundless love and support.

Horse and Tiger

The two are inseparable and have unlimited trust in each other. Experience new things, travel, never let the routine go around them. A very united couple, with many things in common and with the same goals in life, appreciate and praise each other’s achievements, offering unconditional support. Many say of these partners that they are soul mates.

Buffalo and Rooster

The buffalo is traditionalist, very attached to the family, and the Rooster appreciates its values ​​and adds a little salt and pepper to the relationship, just enough. The time spent in the middle of nature brings them closer and helps them find a balance between work and relaxation. For both, intimacy is important, so tender moments will not be missing and will unite them.

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