Mercury in Scorpio 2021

Mercury in Scorpio or what hides in the depths.

Today, the entry of the fastest planet, Mercury, takes place in the sign of Scorpio, where it will stay until October 10.

On October 3 at 20:00, Mercury will stop walking through this sign, will become stationary and then, starting with October 4, will move in seemingly retrograde motion in the sky, from grade 3 Scorpio to grade 17 Libra, ie until October 25, and will return to direct motion on October 26.

Scorpio is a fixed sign and represents the apogee of autumn, and the characteristic verb is to WANT. It is the sign of mysteries, of secrets, of all that is hidden, it is the sign that destroys barriers and limits for true knowledge or for a perfect transformation.

But Scorpio is also the sign of power, either on a material level, through money, or on an emotional level, through other means of manipulation.

He is interested in the power behind the scenes, always looking for a lucrative “business”. In the horoscope, Scorpio also indicates the most torturous realm of life, the place where we prospect the darkest abysses of the human soul, and then rise to the highest spiritual spheres, as well as the eagle, which is one of the symbols of this signs.

The moment of entry is marked by an AUC in the sign of Leo with Jupiter in Leo at degree 16. Mars, the governor of the sign of Scorpio is in Sagittarius next to the fixed star Antares, also called the Heart of Scorpio.

She is one of the 4 stars of the Archangels, the star of Oriel or the Guardian of the West.

Antares concentrates to the maximum the character and personality of Scorpio, it is a star of nature of Mars and Saturn combined. Antares is a star that enchants with crazy courage, a lot of activity, and when it is in association with Mars, with imminent dangers. Beware of fire, machinery and any metal objects.

There is a greater inclination towards violence, stubbornness and impatience during the period when Mars will be with Antares, that is, until after September 30.

On the evening of Monday, September 29, we will see a beautiful view of the southwestern sky. The Moon’s sickle will be above the planet Mars, which in turn is above the star Antares. Don’t miss this show.

Returning to Mercury, the period of its demotion is a good time to observe and recognize the realm or domains of life in which we have reached a total imbalance, where we need harmony the most. It is possible that during this period, that is, until October 26, we will discover things about ourselves, things that we would never have suspected, but which must be brought to light.

Our family, our roots and our past will have the greatest impact on us. It is the moment when we will be put face to face with the greatest fears in order to overcome them once and for all. Everyone must be prepared for battle, because victory is very important, because, after, there will be a new flourishing period. Let’s not be fooled, let’s not lose sight of the essentials and keep our attention alive. Concentration and attention must be at its maximum during this period.

Let’s be as brave and fighting as possible, but let’s not exaggerate. Let’s fight for what our rights represent. We are required to be a warrior in the next period.

From a social point of view, the period of demotion is possible to bring to the surface the secrets from the depths of the oceans and seas, to discover things kept secret about the resources of the “blue” planet …

Good luck and I’m waiting for your opinions

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