The person with whom you will always have an impossible love, depending on your zodiac sign

You have a certain pattern when it comes to men, but you may have noticed that sometimes this is what urges you to make the wrong choices.

This is the person who is attracted to each sign, but their story always has a sad ending.


He is attracted to the people who obey him.

Usually, it has to do with trust (they don’t set high standards and then they feel fantastic when they know they are adored by their partner) or with the natural inclination to lead and teach others. Aries will go to the hour of death to understand why they are not happy with a person who meets the requirements. That is, until they understand that they need a person to lead with, not to assume the role of parent or teacher.


He is attracted to people who are not in his league.

Bulls are very interested in anyone they find interesting, chic, intelligent and attractive. In fact, they want to make friends, meet and marry people who can bring them up in the social hierarchy. And they are very disappointed when they discover that the relationship was based on illusions and empty ideals.

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They are attracted to people they can’t have.

The twins need someone with their feet on the ground, with impeccable logic and without fear of involvement. In order for the natives to feel safe and loved, they need to know that their partner endures all their temperament problems, opinions and dreams. But, often, they come across people who make them feel even worse than they felt alone.


He is attracted to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlove.

Cancers are not known as great dreamers, although they are very emotional and idealistic. Because of this, they are attracted to people they think are ideal for them, without thinking about whether the relationship could work in reality.


He is attracted to the people who provoke him.

Few things can be more appealing to a Leo than the appearance of a challenging person. As attractive as this hypothesis may seem, in reality it is completely impossible. Lions need someone to support them, not someone to fight for supremacy.


She is attracted to people who do not understand her.

The natives of the zodiac long to be understood and accepted and they like to have control over their own life. All this is ruined because Virgos are attracted to people who do not understand them at all, who question their motivation and habits and who make them feel crazy because of the way they feel.

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She is attracted to the person she loves on the basis of reciprocity.

Libra likes to have love in their lives. When the relationship starts to squeak, Libra will become more and more obsessed, trying to make a circle to fit in a square.


He is attracted to the person he considers “better than him.”

Scorpios are truly masochistic and are often attracted to people they know will eventually be rejected. And if that doesn’t happen, the natives of the sign will sabotage the relationship themselves, because a healthy couple cannot be born out of a feeling of inferiority to their partner.


He is attracted to the person who intrigues him and escapes between his fingers.

Sagittarius will follow to the end of the world something that intrigues him. It is a sign recognized for its power of introspection, dry humor and deep interest in obscure subjects. So is their interest in relationships, and they are often attracted to people of opposite diameters in certain respects.


He is attracted to the person who does not need him.

Capricorn is always attracted to independent, intelligent people, with an entrepreneurial spirit, qualities that he would like for himself. But, in the end, they end up being with people who don’t need them or who don’t like to be around them. I attract like a magnet the selfish natures who need a warm place more than a relationship based on love.


He is attracted to the person who is just like him.

Aquarius is really interested in people he considers to be just like them, but pushed to the extreme. If you want to know what Aquarius thinks about himself, look at his partner. If they think they are smart, they will be attracted to a genius, if they consider themselves stylish, they will be attracted to a person in tune with fashion. However, they often end up living with a person with whom they are not compatible at all.

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He is attracted to the person he considers the source of inspiration.

Pisces fall in love with people who inspire them to be creative. I am always looking for a person to wake them up and shake their world. But this makes them lose interest when things get serious and they only get tired when they understand that things will not go well in the end. They spend their whole time following the person who stole their heart, but with whom they will never be able to have a real relationship.

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