Venus in Aries 2021

When we talk about the achievements we are appreciated for or about our compassionate troubles, we speak in the first person singular: “I did”, “I am”, “it happened to me”. We talk about the “I” and attract the gaze, attention, energy, emotional, affective reaction of the other.

When it comes to mistakes, failures, responsibilities, dissatisfaction, loss of prestige, then “things happened…”, “no one can say…”, “who could know…”, “that you just don’t do something like that… “,” This is not done “… etc. We detach. The assertions are impersonal or at best conjugated in the first person plural (“we happen to be wrong”). Unpleasant, compromising hypostases are removed more or less discreetly, so that we do not even theoretically touch our own love.

Venus traditionally and briefly represents self-love, and in Aries it is subject to the process of identification: I = Love. I am love on two legs. And because I feel impelled by Martian rule, I will take action – I will show it. Open, no detour, because it’s boiling and I have to do something with it. If I were an artist, I would express it through painting, sculpture, design, choreography, music, theater, film, perfumery. (Paloma Picasso perfumes, native Aries, are very heavy, aggressive and extraordinarily persistent). Venus in Aries represents strong and very explicit feelings.

These are people who, no matter in which zodiac sign they were born and in which field of activity they stood out, attracted attention through the incomparable frankness with which they expressed their experience, feeling or beliefs. Something of their personality was expressed without detours, taking risks, coming out like Mars, with his chest bare in front of the world.

This year Venus enters the sign of Aries on May 3 and enters in the same way: brave, willing to go through the caudal forks of the cardinal configuration. In a span of 26 days, she is exposed to great trials: manipulated by Pluto, shaken by Uranus, compromised by Jupiter, attacked by Mars.

In addition to the need to change something in our lives, to deal with a conflict that can no longer be postponed (both with the outside environment and with ourselves), to “heal” our existence, even if it requires effort or renunciation, the influence exerted by Venus, entered into the whirlpool of the aspects of the cardinal cross, results in an intense emotional tension, the predisposition to be driven by burning feelings, untimely involvement in unforeseen love relationships, regardless of consequences. The freedom to love can be easily confused with love free of any reason or meaning (love relationships that lead nowhere). Even the self-love I mentioned above can experience moments of explosion.

In another variant, the harmony and balance that have characterized us until recently will be subject to shocks, pressures that will determine us to accept changes in our scale of values, preferences and activities that we have enjoyed so far. Our love and joy will be transformed. The natives Aries, Taurus, Libra are more sensitive to this transit – first, then those who have the Ascendant, the Moon or personal planets placed in the natal chart in these signs.

On May 3, since entering the sign of Aries, Venus squares with the Moon in Cancer and draws our attention to the importance of emotional balance as a cornerstone of our functioning as a whole, as whole people, who develop based on our own resources Venus is responsible until May 21, including the activity of the Sun in Taurus).

On May 6, a trine with Luna and Lilith from Leo will provide additional energy oriented towards emotional relationships, ardent, obsessive loves, desire and availability for passionate adventures.

Notable during this period is the contribution of Mercury, which, since May 10, makes and maintains a sextile with Venus. The conflicts that appeared but were not expressed, around January 17 (the quadrature of Venus Retrograde in Capricorn with Mars in Libra), and remained in suspense, around March 3, by avoiding one of the parts (Venus in Capricorn in the quadrature with Mars) become explicit Retrograde in Libra).

On May 11, the exact aspect of opposition takes place between Venus in Aries and Mars retrograde with the Moon, at 9 degrees Libra. Now the war is over. Mars and Venus are in mutual reception – they both “agree on disagreement.” The moon on the side of Mars fully contributes to its tendency to break understandings under the influence of sentimental, passionate disorders, capricious mood. Hate and love act simultaneously, and Venus caught in all the configurations of this moment, tends to behave like a judge in her own house: she makes the laws, and she also applies them. Venus will try to respond to Mars’ attacks with the same coin: “you break a plate of mine, I break a plate of yours too!”. Direct, critical, explosive, jealous, tolerant only of their own weaknesses (trine with Lilith in Leo) and willing to give up security and legalized relationships for the sake of luxury and the temptation to enter into illicit but easy relationships (squaring with Jupiter) However, Venus will benefit from the support of Mercury. Reason, a clear mind, flexibility and a willingness to negotiate can benefit us if we are well-intentioned. Otherwise, there is a fairly high risk to speculation, opportunism, deception and self-deception, as Mercury forms a quadrature with Pisces Neptune.

Given that Venus patronizes money and, during this period, the Sun is in the sign of Taurus, everything related to goods and values ​​can be influenced in the same way as feelings. It goes without saying that our social relations, peace and tranquility, will be affected in a similar way.

On May 15, we face a difficult situation, with a high energy load difficult to manage: the conjunction Venus – Uranus in the form of a quadrature with Pluto. Change and purification are mandatory. In the mind, in the soul, in our body, the notion of love writhes to acquire new forms, to liberate itself and to express itself. Artists of all kinds – plastic, dramatic, lyrical – are the great beneficiaries of this astral moment. For the rest of us, the challenge is to accept our own limits and the new, in whatever form it may come, as long as it is in accordance with our own consciousness; and also the separation of toxic conjunctures from those that lead to progress. It is also a time of sacrifice, given the presence of the South Node of the Moon in the same sign as Venus and Uranus.

On May 18, the exact quadratic aspect is formed between Venus and Jupiter in Cancer, on the one hand, and Pluto conjunct with the Moon in Capricorn, on the other hand. It is an indication of the sudden and final disintegration of partnerships. We need a lot of wisdom, but also a presence of mind, to accept the way out of our lives of people, objects or situations that have other standards than ours, that have a lower quality, that do not know or can not appreciate us. , or which are simply not suitable for us. We are dealing with unexpected, dramatic, but necessary ruptures.

On May 24 and 25, the situation resumes somewhat similar to Mars in direct motion this time, and the Moon with Venus and Uranus in Aries. We feel a violent desire to be loved and understood, to be protected, precisely because we feel acute insecurity. Venus asks us to make radical changes in the way we love, enjoy, benefit, accept.

(Throughout the period we are more prone to inflammation of the face, swelling or redness of the eyes, eyelids, irritations, injuries, allergies, rhinitis, sinusitis, migraines, in extreme cases stroke.)

May 29 is the day when Venus leaves the troubled territory of Aries and walks in the sign of Taurus, at her home, eager for peace and quiet. It is also the day when the New Moon is formed in Gemini: did I learn anything from my previous experience?

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